freestyle dance
19 jul
Breaking 3 vs 3 profi, Breaking 3 vs 3 kids, Rap Freestyle, Beatmaking, Djing...
28 apr
Today - 23 april 2018
20 apr
06 apr
16 feb
Great Performers of past. Romance of XXI century.
L.Ogonezov, M.Bek, M.Lukonin, L.Zhogoleva, A.Malikova, V.Sheverdin, L.Eremin
02 feb
Battle and Work-shop for Vocalists
Mario Diaz, Sergey Zaytsev
23 dec
Breaking 2 on 2, Rap Freestyle 1 on 1
25 nov
Breaking and Rap freestyle battle
Breaking, Rap Freestyle
Reveal, Victor, Wolt, Re Pac, Roa, Mars
27 oct
Literary-musical project
08 sep
Rap Freestyle Battle
Rap Freestyle 1 on 1 and 7toSmoke
Detsl, Rigos, Re Pac
06 jul
Hip Hop Festival
Graffiti, music day, Battle of the Gods, Breaking, Rap Battle, Funky Drummer.
X-Ecutioners, Freeze, Ivan...
27 may
Breaking and Rap Freestyle Battle
Breaking Master & Student, Rap Freestyle 2 vs 2, Predatorz vs Top 9.
Breaking: Storm, Ken Swift (Skype online), Crazy Legs (Skype online). Rap Freestyle: Re Pac, Timur Check, Moonstar.
19 may
Literary and musical project
07 apr
Music Cinema Battle
Professionals, Non-professionals
F.Model, N.Kachanova
12 mar
Rap freestyle battle
Rap Freestyle
Repak, Roa, Samorez
17 feb
Jazz Improvisation Battle
Battle of Jazz improvization for students and those who finished education
V. Feirtag, F. Model, K. Sineglazova
03 feb
Literary and musical project
24 dec
Rap Freestyle Battle
Freestyle Rap, Rap Contest
Dj 108, Sadman, Hamil
25 nov
Piano Battle
19 nov
Salsa Battle
Salsa non professionals, Salsa professionals
Yoandy Villarutia, Eneris Mulgado, Carlos Torres
11 nov
Song Battle
28 oct
Breaking and Beatmaking battle
Beatmakers battles, Crews 5X5 battles, Universal B-boy
Ken Swift, Lardge Professor
22 oct
Literary and musical project
Musical-literary project
Performers L.Zhogoleva and I.Sheverdin, V.Moiseeva and M.Bakalin, A.Malikova and E.Ageichik, S.Rusanov and A.Severinov
21 oct
Battle of Russian Romance
05 oct
Literary and musical project
15 jul
Folk groups Battle
Folk groups Battle
Yakubovskaya E, Kuznecova M, Pushkarev V.
30 jun
V1 Festival
Graffiti, Scratch, Beatmakers, Battle of Gods, 3vs3 Juniors, 7 toSmoke, Rap, Freestyle dance, Funky Drummer, Profi 3vs3
Crazy Legs, Storm, Frankie Flave, T-Rock, Bernard Purdie, Roa, DJ D-Styles, Mr. Wiggles, Lewis Parker
25 jun
Choirs Battle
Choirs Battle
Stanislav Gribkov, Ekaterina Andreyeva, Anton Maksimov
29 may
Break Battle
4vs4 battle of Saint Petersburg dance schools, 3vs3 routines, 1vs1 breaking, 10vs10 exhibition battle
Kup, Pluto, Fast Foot
19 nov
Breaking and Popping Battle
Popping, Top Rock City
Mr Wiggles
31 oct
V1 Battle
Bgirls 2 на 2, Good Foot, Seven2smoke, Routine
02 jul
Hip-Hop Festival
Wall Graffiti, Beatmakers, 3vs3 JUNIORS, Universal B-Boy, Rap Freestyle Battle, Freestyle dance, Funky Drummer, 3vs3 Profi, Contests
Crazy Legs, Sheff, Bernard Purdie
18 apr
Break Battle
2vs2 Popping, Teacher and Student (breaking), TopRock, Battle Routines, Contests
Mr Wiggles
14 feb
Hip-Hop Battle
7tusmok Juniors, Hip-Hop Bonnie & Clyde, 2vs2 Profi, contests (best outfit, Bonnie & Clyde Routine)
Fabrice, Sunni, FastFoot, Gimnast
11 oct
Break Battle
3vs3 Breaking, 1vs1 Popping, Footwork 7tuSmoke, contest (acrobatic jump)
Sweepy, Frankie Flave, Lil John, Topor
06 sep
Break Battle
3vs3 Juniors, 1vs1 SuperSolo Profi, Step and Charleston master classes, Airflare mini-contest.
Wolt, Tsipatron,100Ballov
20 jul
Piano Battle
Performers’ battle, Performing skill battle, Jazz improvisation battle
L.Eremin, M.Benediktov, F.Model, E.Shvarts.
05 jul
Salsa Battle
Bachata, Salsa (Amateurs, Professionals), kizomba, Break vs. Salsa
Johnny Vazquez,Chiquito, Juan Matos, Nelson Flores
19 jun
Hip-Hop Festival
Graffiti, caricatures, DJ battle, beatmakers, beatbox, breakdance (3vs3 Juniors, 3vs3 Profi, univ. b-boy, freestyle dance), moonwalk contest, funky drummer, rap battle
Qbert,Alien Ness, T-Rock, Exile, Decl, Venum, Yan the Shrimp, Flaco, Calle
26 apr
Break Battle
2vs2 Teacher vs Student, 2vs2 Breaking Routine, contests (6step, squat, munch mills)
Xisco, AT, Nord Diamond
19 apr
Piano Battle
Performers (from 2 to 6 years of training), Performers (from 7 to 10 years of training), Performing skill battle, Jazz improvisation battle, Improvisations on popular music melodies
V.Sheverdin, E.Shvarts, I.Lebedev, L.Eremin
12 apr
Song Battle
Soviet songs, folk songs, mini-contest: Songs about Space, Foreign songs
M.Lukonin, E.Yaskunova, L.Eremin
14 mar
Salsa Battle
Bachata, Cha-cha-cha, Jive, Salsa, Tres Muchachos concert
Israel Gutierrez, Maja Cukovic, Yoandy Villaurrutia
25 feb
Scratch Battle
Break Battle, 7toSmoke, Scratch battle, Jam by DJ ShortKUT
ShortKUT (USA), Top9
01 feb
Break Battle
Beatmakers, 2vs2 Juniors (up to 2 years of training), 2vs2 Freestyle dance, CREW vs CREW, Backspin, windmill
Maurizio, BMB akaSpaceKid, Scotch
28 sep
Break Battle
2vs2 Juniors, Bonnie and Clyde, 1vs1 beatmakers, universal b-boy, beatboxers, 1vs1 Michael Jackson style, drummers, 1vs1 freestyle dance, crew vs crew.
Phantom, Focus, Mouse, P.Talapaev, BMB Spacekid
13 sep
Bards Tournament
Authors, Performers
S.Sinelnikov, M.Semenenko, V.Levi
24 aug
Break Jam
Well B, Killa Kolya, Tony Rock
13 jul
Break Battle
2vs2 Juniors mix, Drummers’ Battle, 1vs1 Freestyle Dance, 1vs1 Footwork, Break vs Salsa Battle
Well, Disco-T, Nadya
11 jul
Salsa Battle
Salsa pairs (professionals, amateurs), salsa solo (men, women), reggaeton solo, Break vs Salsa battle
Maykel Fonts, Inaki Fernandez, Henry Knowles
16 may
Hip-hop Festival
Wall and board graffiti, calligraphy, caricatures, scratch battle, rap battle, Juniors up to 2 years of training, Juniors more than 2 years of training, TopRock selection Profi 3vs3, Russia vs World battle
Phantom, Qbert, Killafornia, T-Rock, Ata, Massa, Mister Мaloy, Sasha Trun, Victor Splash
27 apr
2vs2 Teacher-Student, 10vs10 Moscow-St Petersburg Battle
Gormon, Simpson, Freeze
11 apr
Karaoke Battle
Amateurs – Men, Amateurs – Women, Professionals – Men, Professionals – Women
16 mar
Salsa Battle
Amateurs, Pro-Am, Professionals
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20 apr Лигалайз - новый альбом "Молодой король"



20 apr Mex One Day

Following the role model of Mex One, we celebrate his birthday on April 19 by supporting our local hip-hop communities, sharing the love and inspiring others to follow.

Following the role model of Mex One, we celebrate his birthday on April 19 by supporting our local hip-hop communities, sharing the love and inspiring others to follow.

Last September, the breaking scene suffered a big loss. Mex One of the Unique Styles Crew, The Bboy Spot, Biggest & Baddest and The Squadron suddenly passed away. Seven months later, we remember and recognise this unique man, a true foundation of worldwide hip-hop culture.

Who was Mex One?

Born in Mexico, Mex One was a member of the Unique Styles Crew from Fort Lauderdale, Florida. He started the Outbreak hip-hop festival in 2003, and was a founder of the Biggest & Baddest clothing brand (2007) and The Bboy Spot (2008) – an online forum and store at first, later a community center with free practices to support the hip-hop scene in Orlando. In addition, he also founded The Squadron, one of the illest breaking crews in the world.

Mex One was an innovator and visionary, and he emphasised the importance of supporting each other within the scene, creating a self-sufficient industry with community-owned companies. He was an inspiration and a mentor for lot of breaking movements and clothing brands, such as The Legits, Funk & Furious and Visionary Lifestyle. He created the first b-boy and b-girl scholarship. Mex One was an educator, and under his wings a lot of community leaders were raised. He planted seeds for many generations to come. In his personal life, he was a proud and loving father to his son Daniel.

Mex One Day

The Bboy Spot, The Legits and many supporters in the scene would like to dedicate April 19, Mex One's birthday, to be the official International Mex One Day, which would be recognised in hip-hop culture around the world.

It will stand as a reminder to the values of hip-hop culture, and encourage b-boys, b-girls and hip-hop heads around the world to do something for their local communities on this day. Mex One was all about the hip-hop community. His mission statement "Community First" says it all. He saw a bigger picture and was certain that the culture could grow if things are done the right way. The legacy of Mex One should be preserved for generations to come, in order to set an example of what a tremendous impact one person can leave behind.

Be a part of Mex One Day

Join Mex One Day and unite with dancers worldwide to celebrate this one-of-a-kind visionary. Do something for your scene, show your action on social media, using #mexoneday to spread the inspiration across the world. 

Creativity is on you. Community leaders from all around the world will join to celebrate Mex One. Not only will you get to celebrate the legacy of one of our own, but most of all, you'll be helping your own community grow, and, at the end of the day, that' what Mex One was all about. He dedicated his life to nurturing the hip-hop community worldwide. Now it's our turn to give it back and remember our hero, and his legacy.

17 apr Happy Birthday to Hip Hop father

On this day in 1955, DJ Kool Herc was born Clive Campbell in Kingston, Jamaica. He moved to the Bronx when he was 12 years old and took on the name “Kool Herc” when he became a member of the graffiti crew the “Ex-Vandals”. 

On this day in 1955, DJ Kool Herc was born Clive Campbell in Kingston, Jamaica. He moved to the Bronx when he was 12 years old and took on the name “Kool Herc” when he became a member of the graffiti crew the “Ex-Vandals”. The name is short for ‘Hercules’ because of his 6′ 4″ stature. He began DJing parties that he and his sister Cindy threw in their building, which was on 1520 Sedgewick Avenue(Sedgewick & Cedar) in the South Bronx.

Herc pioneered extending the break beat on records by playing the same record on two turntables and cueing the “break” in the record, which he noticed had the greatest effect on the dancers at the parties. This was emulated all over the NYC area during the 1970s, thus spawning the culture of Hip Hop. He coined the terms “B-Boys” and “B-Girls” for the dancers who were “breaking”, which Herc says was a street slang for “acting energetically” or “causing a disturbance”.

Kool Herc has influenced other founding pioneers of Hip Hop culture including Afrika Bambaataa and Grandmaster Flash.


13 apr National rating of foreign breaking crews. 

As per the results of the survey held by bgirl Motya from the old school breaking crew B-People the names of 71 foreign breaking crews were given. 

As per the results of the survey held by bgirl Motya from the old school breaking crew B-People the names of 71 foreign breaking crews were given. Out of them 37 crews were mentioned in two and more answers, hence enrolling the national rating of foreign breaking crews. 
Judging by the received response it can be concluded that the Americans are still the leaders of the global breaking, at least as per the opinion of the majority of the respondents. Out of 37 foreign crews mentioned at least twice 15 (40,5%) are from the USA. 
Since the mid 2000's to this day it is evident that the Asians have been actively enhancing their dancing mastery. If in 2003 survey only the names of American and European crews were given, in 2017/18 9(24,3%) Asian (6/16,2% South Korea and 3/8,1% Japan) are mentioned at least twice. Two answers just spelled "Koreans!!!". 
The opinions on the most prominent foreign breaking teams in various statistical groups differed more drastically than on "our" crews. 
The old-schoolers from the 80's named only three foreign crews Rock Stedy Crew (7 of 32/21,9% of 80's breakers votes), New York City Breakers and Flying Steps (4/12,5% votes each). The result is not surprising . RSC and NYCB are the crews which starred in the 1984 film Beat Street. The videotape of this film was very popular among the first soviet breakers. Flying Steps is the first breaking crew which came to Russia (late 90's). 
Pro-level dancers and top dancers gave the first place to Skill Methodz (14 of 123/11,4% of pro and 10 of 48/20,8% of top dancers). Second place - Style Elements (13/10,6% of pro and 7/14,6% of top dancers), third - HaviKoro (11/8,9% of pros and HaviKoro 6/12,5% each of top for HaviKoro and JinJo). 
Lockers/poppers/robots mostly picked Rock Stady Crew and Mighty Zulu Kings (3/7% votes each from toprockers). 
Here is the link to the survey, so there would not be any questions as for "where are these numbers are coming from?": 
The final report on the results of the survey will be published in late April/early May 2018.

10 apr Как был придуман backspin