Break Battle


Show schedule

1-2 February, Saturday, Sunday

Nominations: 1vs1 BEATMAKERS BATTLE (drum-machines),
2vs2 JUNIORS (up to 2 years of training), FREESTYLE DANCE (2VS2),
CREW vs CREW, Backspin, Windmill.


               1DAY. 1 February, Saturday

18.00 – Meet B-Boy Maurizio aka The NextOne (RSC,KOB, Italy).

20.00 – 1vs1 BEATMAKERS BATTLE (drum-machines)

              Mandatory condition: playing live. Selection (out of 8 participants) – 1 performance lasting 1 min.

- MaurizioakaTheNextOne (RSC,KOB, Italy)
- Scotch (TrueFlavas)
- BMB akaSpaceKid


             2 DAY. 2 February. Sunday

12.00 – 14.00 – 2vs2 JUNIORS (up to 2 years of training).

14.30 – 17.00 – FREESTYLE DANCE (2VS2). Selection of 16 teams
                               Dancers of any top dance style took part in this nomination
                               (toprock, house, rocking, salsa, locking, hip-hop, popping and others). 
                               Live music: Mr. Bape (Murmansk)


17.30 – 19.00 – CREW vs CREW selection. (5 - 8 participants in a team).
                               Selection of 7 teams. Invited team - EastSideBboys (Ukraine).


19.00 –  20.00 – Backspin and windmill contests.
Backspin. Dancer who makes the max. amount of turns wins. (two ties).
Windmill. Dancer who makes the max. amount of turns in 20 seconds wins.


20.00 – CREW vs CREW

-MaurizioakaTheNextOne (RSC,KOB, Italy)
-Scotch (TrueFlavas)
-BMB akaSpaceKid

MC: Komar

DJ: Smirnoff, Well B

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