Break Battle


Show schedule

Vosstaniya 1 and TOP 9 present:

V1 BATTLE 26 April 2014. Break-battle 2vs2 Teacher vs Student. 2vs2 Routine Battle




14.00 - 16.30 - 2vs2 Teacher vs Student (student up to two years of training)

17.30 - 19.30 - 2vs2 Routine Battle

  8 invited teams.
1) Pulya and manki (svoi lyudi), city of Yaroslavl
2) Killa Kolya and Krot (Simple System), Astana
3) Yurok and Vince (Backtoschool), Moscow
4 )Budda and Tonirock(Top9), St Petersburg
5) Kienya and Sokol (HUNTERS / BELARUS)
6) Ushan and Svipe (Da Funky style), Novosibirsk
7) Zhelty and Bizon  (OVS), Moscow
8) Linkov and Irak (Snipers), town of Kirishi

19.30 - 21.00 - ROUNDS and CONTESTS
1. Munch mills. Participant who will make the greatest number of turns in 15 seconds wins.
2. The quickest 6step (15 seconds)
3. Squat (“prisyadka”) – squat dance battle. (Out of all participants two are selected for the final of two rounds)

21.00 - 21.30 1vs1 Demonstration battles
- Fila vs vs Killa Kolya
- Nord Dimaond vs Justen
- Komar vs Swipe
- AT vs Mess
- Xisco vs Bullet

Nord Diamond, Russia,
Xisco (Hustle Kidz), Holland
AT (Flow Mo), Finland

MC: Komar

Well B, Dj Ureek

photo and video accounts, tournament scheme