Salsa Battle


Show schedule

11 July 2013, Open Air Party

Salsa Battles (4 categories), Reggaeton Battle

Salsa Congress opening. BREAK vs SALSA Battle



19.00 – Registration of battle participants.

20.00 – Salsa Battle pairs (Amateurs) (all styles).

20.50 – Salsa Battle solo (men)

21.10 – Salsa Battle solo (women)

21.40 – Reggaeton solo: Men and women jointly.

22.15 - Salsa Battle pairs (Professionals) (all styles).

Final event: Break vs Salsa Battle .Тор 9 vs Salsa Battle winners

 01.00 – End of Party



- Maykel Fonts (Cuba/Italy) – universal dancer, he performs various dance styles equally well:
     Latinо-American, pop, jazz and many others.  He took part in World Salsa Congress in 2006
     where he was awarded first prize for best choreography and dancing.  

- Inaki Fernandez (Spain/Austria) – is one of the most sought after trainers of Latino-American
    dancers in the world.  He specializes in salsa, kizomba, Argentina tango, cha-cha-cha and of course, bachata.
    He won some salsa and bachata championships in Spain in 2004.


- Henry Knowles (USA) – during his career, Henry acted as DJ, sound technician and VJ all over the world.
     He played in 30 countries and more than 100 cities of USA, Canada, the Caribbean, European Mediterranean,
     Mexico, Central and South America, and Asia as well.    


Party and Battle DJs:
   DJ Henry Knowles (USA)
   DJ RAFA (Cuba/Russia)

photo and video accounts, tournament scheme